• Awesome Neon Glow Run photos

    I love remote controlled Glow Run lighting

    We just lit up an amazing Neon Glow Run last week in Maryland for the Monster Glow Dash. It’s amazing how our course markers may be great for golf, but they are almost even better to light up night events and glow runs. Remote controlled glow run lighting is critical to the runners experience. Many night runs simply send their runners out into the darkness. With rechargeable and remote controlled lighting you can simply set out the markers during the day, then as the sun begins to set, casually drive your course with a cart, car, bike…what ever, and activate the course lighting. How easy is that. No need to scramble to set out and turn on lighting right before the event. Just set up and it can sit for days.

    For multiple day events our markers last 36 hours of run time. This means if you were to do a big glow party or Cosmic event that takes place over a few days, just turn off the lights at night, go to bed, then the next day turn them back on. They can go for days.

    Here are some of our best glow run photos to date. We are doing another next week. So stay tuned for a bunch more photos.

    neon runs through the woods

    neon run in Maryland

    photos of our fun run lighting

    look at the effect of our  glow run lights

    the beauty of our glow run lighting system

    lighting for a glow run finish line

    neon party lights

    neon night run photos we took

    the start of an electric run in Maryland

    very cool neon run photos

    glow run after party in front of a fire


    photos from a cosmic neon night run

    photo of glow run participants

    Some of our neon run lights in action

    glow run girls we shot in Maryland

    maryland glow runners

    photo of glow runners

    neon night run

    electric run

  • Night Disc Golf comes to Red Oaks County Park

    Night disc golf will never be the same again

    Cosmic Night Golf and Glow Gear go to Michigan this week – first for Disc Golf and Cosmic Putting in Red Oaks County Park seen here 104







    Then, it’s up to the Northern Peninsula for a Rave Run in Ishpeming, Michigan  to light up this event:

    Glow in the dark 5K


  • Night lights for neon runs

    We’ve had a pretty busy spring putting on night golf events, but what is really cool is that we’ve also been lighting up neon night runs with marker lights so runners can see where they are going…in style. Here are a few photos of our lights and how they have been used.