• Cosmic night golf emailer

    Here is a cool emailer we just sent around about night golf. I really think night golf needs to reach out beyond just golfers and into the cross-sports world because young people are the ones who want to play at night and have no problem with staying up late. But the problem is that they are not all necessarilly golfers. But from what we’ve seen with how the golf industry is getting behind footgolf, it’s clear that what they are into is revenue and players paying to play, no matter what they are throwing, hitting or kicking. Why not put on events that incorporate as many social events as you can. Why not even include cosmic Cornhole. It’s an awesome game everyone likes to play.

    Cosmic night golf and crossgolf

  • A bright start to the New Year with Cosmic Night Golf

    night golf putting competitionTampa Florida, January 1, 2014. Hunter’s Green Country Club was lit up on New Year’s Eve for a Cosmic Night Golf putting tournament – the first ever and a bright start to 2014. We here at Glowgear unveiled our newest putting game and competition in the form of ‘golf course in a box’. It’s neon plastic putting track that can be set up in a million different configurations both indoor and outdoor. So we set up 6 holes for the members to try out.

    Night putting competitionThe really cool thing about lighting up a putting course is that the New Year revelers competed in pairs on the 6 hole glow course only steps away from the party and dance area.

    We set the course up in about an hour on Hunter Green’s regular practice putting green. Each hole was designed with bankers and curves to play with the natural curves and slope of the green which challenged the skills of even the best golfers in the club. Glow Gear Head Designer Robert Peterson consulted with Head Pro Ben Chambers to design the custom layout.

    putting competitionEverything was lit up like a neon fun run…but for golf!!! The Glow Gear UV Glowblasters lit up all of the fluorescent putting track in multiple colors. The blasters also lit up players clothing and the balls, so everyone and everything was glowing.

    68 players competed for the tournament pool with the winning team at 1 under a par. Comments from competitors were nothing but positive.

    If you like the photos or would like to have a cosmic putting event to come to your course, school or office, just give us a call or leave a comment.

  • Neon night golf at Woodhaven Country Club

    Here is Louisville Ky, the weather held out long enough for some serious cosmic putting and night golf Friday night at Woodhaven Country Club. We set up glow lights on 9 holes of the par 3 course and another 5 holes of cosmic black light putting. Since we only had one camera we focused our efforts on the intense cosmic puttathon that waged on through the night. This battle saw not one, but 6 victory poses in just one round. Call them flamboyant, call them flashy, call them crazy. This is cosmic night golf. Here are some cool photos from the event.

    HOW TO SET UP A COSMIC PUTTING COURSE: The ‘Golf course in a box’ putting track snaps together easilly, but when you are faced with putting together 9 – 18 holes of night golf, it can seem a bit daunting. From this event it became clear that we need to create a hole configuration map so all you need to do is come to our website and grab the hole design you want. A single 32 piece box of putting track can make nearly every hole we put out on Friday. These hole maps will show how many straights and curves you need to create any hole you want.

    If you would like to put on a cosmic putting event or buy ‘cosmic putting in a box’ we will have course configurations up very soon. If you have an opinion on what we are doing or want to chime in, in anyway, feel free. We love hearing about what our fans want to see and play.


  • Night Golf Putting goes nuts in Chicago

    Night golf putting in Chicago, illinoisNight golf putting fundraiserCOSMIC NIGHT PUTTING’S GRAND DEBUT:

    Friday was the grand debut of Cosmic night putting at The Billy Caldwell Golf Course in Chicago. This was definitely a night golf event to remember. We drove up from Louisville through the corn fields  and windmills of Indiana to showcase our new form of neon night golf entertainment.

    Right now the course puts on old school glow stick night golf events every Friday night and they get a pretty nice crowd. It’s clear folks want to play at night in Chicago for sure. So they invited Laser Glow to come on out and light up the 9th hole to show golfers what night golf should really look like. We also debuted ‘cosmic putting’ on their practice green. We set up 3 cosmic putting holes so players could warm up by playing a black light putting experience before they headed out onto the course for 9 holes of night golf.

    The cool thing was that it only took about 30 minutes to set up the putting track and even less to take it down so we were not beat by the end of the evening. We just set it up, put about 6 UV black light Glow Blasters around the outside to turn everyone neon bright and hung around taking pictures and listening to people have a blast.

    Glow putting in Chicago illinoisThe first positive of our cosmic putting event was that with our black lights the course was legitimately bright. Playsers could see themselves, the ball and their clubs. This is something you can’t do with traditional night golf glow sticks and LED golf balls.

    So what did players think of our neon version of night golf? After interviewing a bunch of people it’s become clear that a combination of maybe 9 holes of cosmic putting combined with no more than 6 holes of on-course night golf is the perfect combo so golfers get their full swing night golf jones while giving them a very cool social experience close to the club house.  More than 6 holes of on-course play is a long time in the darkness, even with our LED night lights.

    Basically everyone want a tight 2 hour experience. The black light putting opens the door to inviting your friends to mess around as you are out on the golf course. Several players said one key testimonial about how we lit up the 9th hole, “this is that night golf should be”. Wow. They also said our LED Glow markers lit the fairway “so that it looked like an airport landing strip.” How cool is that. What they are saying is they can’t wait to see the end of brailing around the course with a glow necklace and a few glow sticks around the green.

    Night golf putting_chicago_hole_1

    Cool Golf Fundraisers: As players filtered through our cosmic putting course it became clear that everyone wanted way more than 3 holes. They wanted a cosmic competition with an DJ and some prizes. This was  a testiment that numerous couples played the course again and again. It became clear that cosmic night golf putting competitions could become an awesome fundraising event for high school bands, clubs and sport teams because now you can affordably set up 18-36 mobile putting holes on a golf course or around a schools running track or even their synthetic football field. The best part is that the players don’t have to be golfers to participate in the fundraiser. They just need to want to glow in the dark by sporting some fluorescent clothing and stepping on the course. Now a school band can do a cosmic golfathon where players raise money per hole or just pay to play. The best part is that it’s at night so everyone will be available for a cool Friday night fundraiser with DJ, music, neon glow and a mountain of people laughing and playing all night.

    Thank you very much to the Billy Caldwell golf course for hosting us. It was a great course and a great time. We recommend it to everyone who lives or visits Chicago. Look for full cosmic night golf events all over Chicagoland and the midwest this fall and in the spring of 2014.