• NIght Eagle CV LED Golf Ball - Assorted colors - pack of 6 MOVING TARGETS CREATE “unintended” BALL CONSUMPTION


    What a crazy weekend! Once again we discovered a new revenue model that can super charge driving range revenue, and it’s super easy to do. We created unintended ball consumption by using moving targets and motivating players to power through their buckets of balls like paintball ammo. Yes, this is a super bootleg video we shot Friday and Saturday at Clemson Golf Center. We placed a target on the picker and discovered that it supercharges ball consumption. Kids and adults go absolutely crazy trying to hit the picker. Watch the video and see how players are not even setting up to hit. They are just firing away. We did this about four time in a night and after every time we had parents and players coming up for more balls.

    (Call to learn more about putting targets on your range: 800 2039173)


    We also were able to tilt up one of our front field targets as a competition and fun game. We’ve also done this with a drone in our ‘Hit the Drone’ competition. It’s a whole lot harder to hit than hitting the picker, but man oh man does it work. People actually come to the event when they hear they can hit a moving target like the picker or especially a drone


    Changing the light and sound of the course is easy. At Clemson we made the course white on Thursday and Friday, then Clemson orange on Saturday. It was a big hit because they sure like their Clemson orange.

    See our target photos from the event. Thanks to everyone who helped us. It was an amazing weekend.

  • How to create a golf skills competition – Day or night

    PUTTING ON A COSMIC SKILLS COMPETITION is a great way to entertain a large or small group of golfers while keeping everyone near the clubhouse, socializing and having fun. Below are a series of golf skills we came up with during the Cosmic Driving Range Tour using the Glowgear putting track along with our UV blaster lights. All these skills can be done during the day or at night just using your clubs practice putting green or any unused waste area. It’s important to note that for safety, we design these skills so they are hitting away from the clubhouse or where golfers can stand. So if you are creating a multiple skill competition, place the tee boxes away from fans. The driving range is also a great place to put these events because then it’s easy to point everything in one direction and keep everyone safe.



    flop shot game for fundraisers or golf events
    You can use everything from a sheet to a golf cart or our neon flop shot wall to create a very cool game of skill. We play it by giving players several shots to not only get over the wall, but see how close they can get to the wall. We place lines of neon track so players can gauge how close to the wall they get. The one important part to this to create optimum fun is to provide a map that players can hit off of and get the ball in the air. If you do this on hard pan grass or a low pile range mat, players will have a hard time getting the ball up in the air. Using a high pile range map or piece of turf is the best choice. You can even go out and get a chunk of shag carpet if it’s just for one event. People will love it and think you are super creative as well… Our neon flop shot wall actually telescopes up, so you can ‘raise the bar’ as players progress. This creates a kind of limbo competition that can captivate an entire group of players all evening.


    setting up golf games
    This is a ‘must have’ skills competition for any golf course. You can create this competition with multiple holes from 1-9 if you want to. We’ve designed our chipping competitions several ways. There is the open half moon of track that we put behind the hole. Two circles give the player three possible scoring options; in the hole or inside either of the circles. It makes for a fun, visual competition that multiple players can try at the same time. We’ve also  done chipping competitions where players are hitting at targets in the rough that are circles. These are fun because it really shows a players proficiency with the short irons. We’ve even created entire chipping boards like an arcade game. We did this on the side of a hill so the board was facing the players and the balls ‘stuck’ to the wall, so to speak.

    five target golf skills competition

    how to make a chipping game for golf events

    how to make a target game for golf at night

    how to make a skills target on a golf course at night

    golf skills competition for fundraising or charity events

    fun skills competition for golf outing

    how to create a fun golf competition on the putting green


    how to set up a cool golf game for charity or fundraising

    another way to set up a target on a golf range



    new golf game for fundraising and charity events


    This is another ‘go to’ easy skills competition you can create virtually anywhere. You can set it up on a putting green or on a hill or on the driving range. You can use neon putting track or bars of PVC if you want to go ghetto. You can also make it as big or small as you would like. We like to make it about 9ft square with the player about 10ft away. This makes it a game of skill and accuracy where players have a fighting chance of getting three in a row.

    how to make a neon tic tac toe board


    night golf hole
    The cool thing about creating target shots are that you can create several shots to different distances. We take neon putting track and light them up on the fairway or on the driving range. This is a great edition to the triple chip. It’s important to note that the further away you make the target, the bigger the target you need to make, otherwise it is a tough skill to win. You always want to meter your audience’s skill level and not create a skills competition that is too hard or too easy.

    We hope you really enjoyed learning about how to create the best possible skills competition that we hope will make your members happy. Feel free to call Glowgear if you need any lights, balls or tips on making your next event awesome!




  • How to light up the Night Golf Nationals

    OLD SCHOOL vs. NEW SCHOOL…sort of?

    headlamps help when playing night golfIn our quest to make the Night Golf National Championships legit, we need to begin talking about the rules and start getting specific about what is cool and what is not when you are playing golf at night competitively.

    We’d like to position this question as an old vs. new, but that really doesn’t apply because everything about Night golf, outside of glow sticks and crappy LED balls, is cutting edge and new. In the past players brailed around the golf course during night golf and the only bit of light was the lucky headlamp here and there. But what about artificial light in general. What should be the ruling for use of artificial light while playing. Is it like using non USGA balls or no conforming drivers? That is a very good question we should grapple with.

    There are several kinds of artificial light starting with green lights at the tee box and on the green and maybe a few blasters in the surrounding bunkers. This, to me, is a bare minimum and should be a no brainer to allow. It’s what makes modern night golf enjoyable.

    The real issue is headlamps and cart lamps. We’ve done a mountain of night golf events and see everything from mega headlamps that bath the player in a pool of light to players jacking their carts with a clip on headlamp and then parking it behind the shot. Hmmmmm. Really? Where does the purity of the game get compromised. Since night golf is so beyond traditional purity, my vote would stop at either the headlamp and definitely the cart behind the player. Here’s my case. You don’t need to decide… but we’d love your opinion.


    Players would have to either rely on their golf cart to help them around the course, or take off their headlamp when hitting. This will definitely mess with their rods and cones and most likely mess up their play quite substantially. So headlamps may be something that is optional and possibly of no advantage. If you want to mess up your night vision with a headlamp, ok….go for it…for now. Of course it brings up the purist argument that everyone should brail around the course equally and so no one should be allowed to artificially light their ball hitting experience with light that has not been provided by the venue itself. Wow, that’s limiting technological innovation and we know that ain’t gonna ‘grow the game’. In this light, yes, headlamps should be allows.


    Ok, this is a whole other thing! If a club opts for golf carts, front lights are always a good idea for safety of the team playing and those playing behind and who may not see the other players and hit into them. So a cart light is highly advisable for night golf play. But it NGN tournament qualifying and finals, the golf cart cannot be placed directly behind the player so they are now in the Astrodome of artificial light. That’s kind of an unfair advantage. You’d need to make cart lights standard and ^#%$^#$% where is that going to go.

    Basically, with green lights on the tee box, bunkers and greens creates a level playing field. But back lighting a player with a cart is crossing line and breaching the hallowed traditions of night golf in my book.

    We haven’t really formulated the official night golf rules, so what is your opinion? Where do we draw the line. We would love to hear what you think.

    the best night golf balls


    This made the evening. These guys were nuts. Long live night golf. The truth is people where doing stuff like this all night. How crazy. What is it about a glowing driving range that brings out the awesome in everyone. thanks Timber Creek GC


    WHAT A NIGHT – The summer heat let up in the evening and the heat lightening in the distance made for a near Wizard of Oz vibe that accented Cosmic Driving Range targets. Starting at 8pm Timber Creek went nuts with a near filled field of 20 bays and hundreds of players coming from as far as Mobile. Bravo to everyone who put this together.

    During the evening we put on a bunch of competitions for night golf balls, glow belts, and rounds of golf. It was nuts. I feel bad for the neighbors at the back of the range because we had some gunner smoking balls at least to the end of the range. There is no doubt that the Glowv2 is the longest hitting night golf ball on the market.

    The coolest part of the evening was at midnight when we have to end. We have a tradition of allowing the players to walk onto the field with us as we take down the largest targets. They are able to experience the immenseness of the targets in the space. What is even cooler is how we walk among thousands of glowing golf balls like fire flies on the ground. Then, at the very end, we turn off all the lights and the thousands of glow balls become even more pronounced. All in all it was another epic evening. Thanks to everyone who came.

    Check out our highlight photos and some amazing videos. Hopefully the storms will hold off and Saturday night will be a bash.

    skeeball for golf

    fun happy people


    victory shot at the cosmic driving range


    epic glow event

    family fun shots



    victory shots

    night golf course with the cosmic driving range

    target golf

    night target golf

    timber creek night golf

    glow golf timber creek





    happy people


    cosmic driving range target

    Night golf events for charity




    night golf boom target

    driving range from the field

    awesome night golf targets in the field

    glow golfer




    The Cosmic Driving Range will be coming to Timber Creek Golf Club, Daphne Alabama this weekend and it’s the culmination of a big push by the members and community.  The Timber Creek event will be different because it’s the first time we’ve departed from the standard sign up to creating a dinner party and range/skills experience everyone can participate in. The best part is that we are nearly booked out with four person groups who get dinner, range and cosmic skills for one inclusive price of just $95 for four players. That’s just $25 for dinner and some nuked out golf. You can’t go wrong with that.

    Cosmci night golf events in the US

    We didn’t know if it would work but it has. Timber Creek has an awesome following and I think that has something to do with it. It’s a tight community just outside of Mobile, Al and the course is magnificent.

    OUR COSMIC MISSION: Since 2014 the crew at Glowgear have played to transform the driving range and the golf course into a massively cool experience. This is a grand vision that we are accomplishing with the combination of killer engineering and a desire to bring out the cool in night golf. Since %90 of us all work, playing golf during the day is a luxury. So to help golf courses and service the dormant majority of golfers who can’t make it to the course our vision is to create better and better night golf experiences and night gear that make playing awesome.

    If you are a golf course or player who would like us to come to your venue. Give us a shout and let’s turn on your community to the awesomeness of golf.




  • Kalamazoo Cosmic Driving Range…Day 1

    The travelling night golf adventure continues

    It’s been an amazing year here at Glowgear and the Cosmic Driving Range. We took a huge risk creating the Cosnis Driving range (CDR) at the beginning of the year. Our view was that golf and moreso night golf needed a super powered, amped up version of the game that turns golf from a difficult undertaking, into a fun, easy, laid back party. We jacked up the size, light and sounds so now you have a giant pinball machine. Many thanks to everyone who’s been able to help us.

    cool night golf events

    We are now in Kalamazoo where we set up at Eastern Hills Golf Course. Last night we did a fun hole in one promotion at the minor league baseball field here, home of the Growlers. 40 players won a chance to hit our giant 24ft glow target in center field. After the game, they turned off the lights and our target exploded with light. Night golf like no baseball player has ever seen. Players hit, the MC had a blast passing around the microphone to hecklers and friends sitting on the dug out. It was a blast. Thanks Growler Baseball

    night golf hole in one the best night golf lights the best night golf target lights The best glow golf promotions glow in the dark night golf ways to play night golf on a baseball field very cool night golf games



  • Night Golf will Never be the same again

    The Cosmic Driving Range is the next evolution of night golf

    The Cosmic Driving Range is on tour and our stop is Moyock North Carolina, just south of Chesapeake VA. Eagle Creek Golf Club invited us after seeing the awesome events at Augusta and Charleston. We have to thank Glowgear for making the official glow ball of the tour as well as all the lights. We are here in NC for three days. Last night, Friday, saw 400 participants and several dozen playing our Cosmic skills competition.

    It’s taken three years but we are bringing legit ‘Golf Entertainment’ to the small courses around the country who could never think of having a glowing pinball machine on their driving range. It’s been nothing but a blast and we can’t wait for the rest of the year.

    Here a a slew of photos from the last few days. Justin Iuli won the first night of the Cosmic Skills Competition aka The worlds greatest golfer(tm) competition! Check out his glass break ball plug. That dude could dial it up.

    If you are a course, range or sponsor looking for massive golf exposure, don’t hesitate to call. We are amped how people are loving our smart targets and scoring games. Come on out, sign up for an event or call us to book an event. Long live the next generation of night golf.

  • Winter office golf

    Time to play Winter Office golf…everywhere

    As the snow begins to fall on the golf course and the nights become longer the indoor winter office golf season is now upon us. It’s time to begin putting away the driver and pulling out your putter. It’s time to trade your bent grass for the tufted pile of your home, office or clubhouse. It’s time to stay warm while honing your cosmic putting skills.

    office golf glow party

    The coolest thing about office golf is that it can now go neon cosmic

    If you would like to put on your own office golf tournament or shoot around this winter, here are a few fun tips and putting hole designs. We’ve been developing our putting track so you can make a million different putting holes virtually anywhere. So it’s time to entwine your desks with crazy putting holes that will challenge even the best golfer.

    There are several very cool thing about Cosmic putting tracks.

    #1 – First is it’s ability to be stacked to create killer ramps and 180 bankers around table legs, corners or through doorways.
    #2 – The second is that IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! What other office putting games can glow in the dark. What other putting track can allow you to create a night golf event like you’ve never experienced. Only Golf course in a box(tm)

    putting track snaps together putting track fittings putting track bank shots

    Here is a simple example of how the putting track snaps together and then stacks. Just use our nifty bolts to connect each piece of half track and you can now create putting holes beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

    Grooved putting tracks office golf games office golf putting track connectors

    2015 is going to bring us several office golf events and we can’t wait to shoot them all and show everyone how this new winter golf sport works. Here are a few examples of putting holes we created with one hole of putting track. Stay tuned for more indoor designs

    indoor office putting game indoor office golf

    office golf putting hole

    office golf ideas for winter

    office golf putting hole ideas

    office golf putting

    putting game idea

    office putting game ideas

    office golf ideas


  • Cool Night Golf Games

    Night golf games you can play in your back yard

    We just received these photos in from Mike Flatley in Westchester PA. He’s created an awesome night golf game called ‘Golf Pong’. He set up a series of glowgear lights (UV Glow Blasters and markers) along with som garbage cans and other targets all wrapped in neon to create the ultimate backyard night golf game.

    night golf games

    night golf game 2Race to 15 Game

    –       2 Player Game
    –       Each player rotates back and forth hitting 3 balls at a time until someone reaches 15 points or sinks a shot inside the tall little money shot bucket.
    –       When a player reaches 15 points, their opponent gets an opportunity to make it to 15 points or more one last time. If they do, the game goes into a sudden death match (see below)
    –       If a player hits it in the Money Shot Bucket at any time, it forces their opponent to make it inside the Money Shot Bucket as well. The player attempting to flop it into the Money Shot Bucket gets a fresh new 3 balls to attempt making it. If none of the 3 shots land in the Money Shot Bucket, the game is over. If somehow the player sinks it in the Money Shot Bucket as well, than the game goes into a sudden death match (see below).

    night golf events

    –       Sudden Death Match

    • A coin toss determines who gets to go first
    • Each player gets 10 shots each
    • Player one hits 5 balls, then player 2 hits 5 balls – current score is determined at this time.
    • Then player 1 hits his/her last 5 balls as well as player 2.
    • Player with the higher point total wins the game.
    • If there is still a tie, than each player only gets 5 shots each and will continue this process until one of the players ends the round with more points than their opponent.
    • At any time during the Sudden Death Match, a player sinks it in the Money Shot Bucket, that player automatically wins the game. The other player does not get a chance at redemption; the game is automatically won by the player that flopped it inside the Money Shot Bucket.

    night golf targets

    Flop Shot King Game

    –       2-4 Player Game
    –       Can be played with 2, 3 or 4 individual players or as 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 Teams.
    –       6 rounds will be played
    –       A round consists of each player or team hitting 5 flop shots
    –       Each of the buckets/barrels has their point worth on the front of each. The Money Shot Bucket is worth 15 points in this game
    –       At the end of the 6 rounds, the player or team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the players tied or 2 teams tied go into Sudden Death. Sudden death is essentially an extra round of 3 shots each. Rounds will continue until a player or team has a higher point total at the end of a round. They win the game and are crowned Flop Shot King/Kings.

    night golf