GlowV1 – The Longest Hitting Ball in Night Golf


2 GlowV1 Night Golf balls + UV Flashlight for charging

It’s now easy and affordable to play the longest ball in night golf. It’s the best because we started with a tour quality golf ball, then we packed the skin with our proprietary glow pigment with brighteners so it flies through the night sky like a bottle rocket, but with all the performance of your daytime ball. Just charge it up with the UV Flash light, then hit the best night golf shots of your life.

– Tour quality flight and feel / 90 Compression
– Two piece construction
– 10 minute high glow (after charge) super long after glow
– Infinitely rechargeable…never runs out of glow
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Out performs LED balls by 2 Clubs
(50 yards…That’s huge!)




If you loose balls because of waters or the shanks, 6 balls are for you. The more balls you get, the better price we can give. Hit them straight and long



Never be without the ultimate night and twilight golf ball. Just charge it up and go…and go…and go. It will never stop taking a charge and it will out perform all other night golf balls, hands down.



If you are a putting on a night golf tournament or you just want a bunch of glow ammo, give us a call and get the lowest possible bulk price on the longest glow ball in night golf.

CALL FOR PRICING: 310.999.9767


If you lost your flashlight during your last round, here’s your replacement. a full 1/3 watt of battery powered UV light. Just charge and play.

– 1/3 Watt of UV light
– Aluminum case
– Uses 3 AAA batteries
– Will last a full round


6 replies on “GlowV1 – The Longest Hitting Ball in Night Golf

  • Randy Balik

    I play speed golf with a group of avid golfers. We run from shot to shot with a small bag and 5-6 clubs. Early morning off the first tee before the first official tee time often means many holes in the dark, especially late Sept through early May. We’ve all tried just about all types and makes of glow balls. I personally LOVE the Glow V1. Having broken two golf clubs with LED balls, and lost too many that have shut off on impact, the Glow V1 hits like a real ball and it’s with the added flashlight that needs to accompany the round. BUT, the flashlight could use an added feature – it would be nice If it had some kind of hole or ring on it that could be used to attach it to our golf bags. I run with the flashlight in my pocket and I’d rather have a way to fix it to my golf bag. I’d be happy to discuss with someone if interested in my ideas. Love the golf balls for the dark holes though!

  • Brian Segers

    ordered a new 12 pack of what was labled Glow V2 on amazon, they came and said glow v1. Thought no problme I like them and have used them for a while now. 3 of first 4 balls cracked off of drives and where ruined. I have started a return to amazon but wanted to see if there is an explanation because I still need to order some glow balls?

    • gwen Abel

      Hi Brian, we can replace your balls, we’ve had some defective balls discovered in our last supply, so please contact me via phone 310-999-9767 or email with your address and we will replace them

    • gwen Abel

      Hello Patrick, The Glow V1 is most current and best version of the Glow V1. You will see the “Glow V2” in online searches due the our older, original Amazon product listing from 2014. We began selling on Amazon with the Glow V2 and then went on to improve both our glow formulation and ball performance with a better core to where we decided to re-brand in 2015 as the Glow V1. Our new listings on Amazon are for the Glow V1 and we’ve been recognized as such for night golf here

    • gwen Abel

      The GlowV2 was produced in 2014 and listed on Amazon where that name remains in the original
      Amazon listing even though we reverted to the original GlowV1 and it’s the only version we produce now you will still see the GlowV2 because of our original Amazon listing


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