Welcome to the next generation of night golf and evening entertainment. Our goal is to create a tight, social, simplified night golf experience that incorporates cutting edge lighting, Cool cosmic golf skills and cosmic games that will entertain everyone else. Call us to find out how you can have a night golf competition at your golf course today: 310.999.9767 

#1 – Light up the night:

night golf_1200_450

Say goodbye to glow sticks and brailing around the golf course. There is no question that our night golf lights define the immerging sport of night golf. Our lights are rugged, and rechargeable up to 300 uses. They are available for purchase, rental or as part of an event we produce for your tournament or event. Best of all they are brandable with easy peal and place stickers so your events can now service a sponsor’s needs like never before

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#2 – Flop Shot Limbo

limbo 120_450

How high can you fly. Limbo is a clubhouse friendly golf game everyone will want to try and master. Since it’s neon, it is perfect for either day or night events. Flopshot limbo can be set up anywhere and creates a tight party atmosphere. It also challenges the best players to see how high they can hit and how close to the wall they can land.

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#3 – Cosmic Chipping games

night golf chipping games
The best way to create community is to create a series of chipping drills around your practice greens and close to your clubhouse. These drills are great to go with cosmic putting because now players can putt one hole and chip another.

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#4 – Cosmic Putting

cosmic putting_1200_500

Welcome to the Hotwheels of putting tracks. Now any golf course can have super creative putting competitions on their putting greens or through the clubhouse…then out the back door. Office golf meets cosmic golf. The only limit is your own creativity. The best part is that the track looks great both day and night. Just design your course, snap the track together and then start putting. Our track is designed so that it actually banks the ball and allows players to design 90 -360 degree turns.

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#5 – The Glass Break

night golf glass break

Anyone who has watched the Big Break knows how cool the Glass Break game can be. Now let’s make it cosmic and let’s make it safe. Our neon foam panels explode into a shower of safe foam when hit so players know they’ve scored without the dangers of real glass breaking. And since you can play this day and night, it’s perfect for any event coming to your course.

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#6 – The Cosmic Long Drive

night golf x shot driving range

There is nothing like hitting huge inflatable targets on the driving range. But there really isn’t anything like hitting them at night. Thanks to our special glow balls, players can now ‘go for the X’  either on the range or as part of playing a special contest or hole.

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#7 – Cosmic Tic-Tac-Toe

night golf tic tac toe games

What better way to create social interaction than to pit two players against one another in a skill based tic-tac-toe competition. The great thing about this skill is that we can make the tic-tac-toe board nearly any size. This makes for a great clubhouse friendly event that is spectator friendly.

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Indoor Office Golf

office golf game kits

You can now turn your office into a cosmic black light putting competition. Just pull the shades of turn off the lights. Then set up multiple cosmic putting holes down hallways and around corners. Then add a few cosmic UV glow blasters and you have the ultimate after hours cosmic office golf fundraiser or mixer.

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