Glowgear Interactive will be launching their Gen3 Interactive driving range targets at the 2019 PGA Merchandise show. Welcome to the world of legitimate Legitimate target golf where players compete for points as the targets are moved up the field after every round.

What is revolutionary about our new Gen3 targets is the combination of massive size and ease of set up and take down. By employing our patented internal structure to the targets and redesigning our sensor systems, we are able to make Target golf events a reality for thousands of driving ranges and golf clubs internationally. The Gen3 targets are made with aircraft grade, optical nylon so the targets are literally just 60 lbs each. ‘Quick up’ installation is groundbreaking because it makes set up of 1-3 targets a 15 minute experience. Now venues can put up “pop up” events with little effort and massive impact.

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What is more revolutionary about this patented field system is the fact that the targets are light enough to be moved during an event. “This creates several advantages and opportunities for a golf course or ranges. Now a club can take 1-3 targets and move them around the field during an evening shoot around. This means a club does not need to own a field of targets to put on a target golf event. They can have just one and move it around.

Pop up target golf events can have a big effect on a golf courses financial bottom line since it allows a private or public course to begin to move into the night and appeal to the majority of potential customers or members that work during the day. A simple Thursday night, one target shoot around can mean hundreds of dollars in F&B, especially if you are teeing off to a target from the clubhouse or pub. Not a hard thing to set up for an evening event.

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Golf has always wanted and needed big targeting on the driving range for a long time. This need is nothing new. But the big problem has been the technology. No one had been able to crack the code on making visually impactful targets that respond with light and sound both during the day and night. Sure, you can make big astroturf circles but who knows if and when they get hit. “For the last 3 years the evolution of interactivity has been our mantra. Players demand it. Topgolf success has proven it. If you don’t have a “band on the stage” you are sunk. If you are trying to sell people buckets of balls to hit to nothing, you are fighting an uphill battle to attract a very small percentage of the potential market.

As Chief Glow Officer, Gwen Abel notes, “As a woman and a moderate social golfer, I parallel target golf with bowling. Without bowling pins and no interactivity, it’s like selling bowling to only players who buy bowling balls. As a result most driving ranges are catering to a market that is 5% of what it could be. They are like restaurants that close for dinner.”

In 2019 Glowgear will begin be putting on a series of target golf events where players attempt to hit every 30ft target on a range from 25-255yds. They are calling it the TARGET GOLF CHALLENGE. It will launch at Isleworth CC on January 29th.

In 2019 Glowgear will also begin delivery of Gen3 mobile targets as they continue installing the first permanent and seasonal targets for driving ranges.

To learn more contact Chief Glow Officer, Gwen Abel: 310.999.9767

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