How to create a golf skills competition – Day or night

PUTTING ON A COSMIC SKILLS COMPETITION is a great way to entertain a large or small group of golfers while keeping everyone near the clubhouse, socializing and having fun. Below are a series of golf skills we came up with during the Cosmic Driving Range Tour using the Glowgear putting track along with our UV blaster lights. All these skills can be done during the day or at night just using your clubs practice putting green or any unused waste area. It’s important to note that for safety, we design these skills so they are hitting away from the clubhouse or where golfers can stand. So if you are creating a multiple skill competition, place the tee boxes away from fans. The driving range is also a great place to put these events because then it’s easy to point everything in one direction and keep everyone safe.



flop shot game for fundraisers or golf events
You can use everything from a sheet to a golf cart or our neon flop shot wall to create a very cool game of skill. We play it by giving players several shots to not only get over the wall, but see how close they can get to the wall. We place lines of neon track so players can gauge how close to the wall they get. The one important part to this to create optimum fun is to provide a map that players can hit off of and get the ball in the air. If you do this on hard pan grass or a low pile range mat, players will have a hard time getting the ball up in the air. Using a high pile range map or piece of turf is the best choice. You can even go out and get a chunk of shag carpet if it’s just for one event. People will love it and think you are super creative as well… Our neon flop shot wall actually telescopes up, so you can ‘raise the bar’ as players progress. This creates a kind of limbo competition that can captivate an entire group of players all evening.


setting up golf games
This is a ‘must have’ skills competition for any golf course. You can create this competition with multiple holes from 1-9 if you want to. We’ve designed our chipping competitions several ways. There is the open half moon of track that we put behind the hole. Two circles give the player three possible scoring options; in the hole or inside either of the circles. It makes for a fun, visual competition that multiple players can try at the same time. We’ve also  done chipping competitions where players are hitting at targets in the rough that are circles. These are fun because it really shows a players proficiency with the short irons. We’ve even created entire chipping boards like an arcade game. We did this on the side of a hill so the board was facing the players and the balls ‘stuck’ to the wall, so to speak.

five target golf skills competition

how to make a chipping game for golf events

how to make a target game for golf at night

how to make a skills target on a golf course at night

golf skills competition for fundraising or charity events

fun skills competition for golf outing

how to create a fun golf competition on the putting green


how to set up a cool golf game for charity or fundraising

another way to set up a target on a golf range



new golf game for fundraising and charity events


This is another ‘go to’ easy skills competition you can create virtually anywhere. You can set it up on a putting green or on a hill or on the driving range. You can use neon putting track or bars of PVC if you want to go ghetto. You can also make it as big or small as you would like. We like to make it about 9ft square with the player about 10ft away. This makes it a game of skill and accuracy where players have a fighting chance of getting three in a row.

how to make a neon tic tac toe board


night golf hole
The cool thing about creating target shots are that you can create several shots to different distances. We take neon putting track and light them up on the fairway or on the driving range. This is a great edition to the triple chip. It’s important to note that the further away you make the target, the bigger the target you need to make, otherwise it is a tough skill to win. You always want to meter your audience’s skill level and not create a skills competition that is too hard or too easy.

We hope you really enjoyed learning about how to create the best possible skills competition that we hope will make your members happy. Feel free to call Glowgear if you need any lights, balls or tips on making your next event awesome!




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