night golf a thon in georgia
We are a week away from lighting up our first 24 hour night golfathon at TPC Sugarloaf in Atlanta. We have 9 holes to light up and it will be the first time we showcase our green blasters on the greens. Stay tuned for photos. We will be using this event to warm up for a busy fall of night golf and the Cosmic Driving Range. Many surprises in hand so stay tuned.

The golfathon will begin at 5pm on Saturday with 20 – 2 player teams heading out to play through the night. As they play one 9 hole course, we will be setting up the second 9 with special lighting that we hope will make their very long night more fun. It’s the first time we’ve had to light a course up for more than five hours. With awesome rechargeable lights, we are definitely up for the challenge.

The great thing about a golfathon like this is how easy it is to put on vs. a traditional golf event. Just find your venue and sign up your players. The goal is to get players who really want to get behind your charity mission. Then all they need to do is go out and get ‘nickels and dimes’ from friends and family. They don’t need to get mountains of cash from one person and bend their arms. It’s all about spreading out the donations and making it easy for everyone to contribute. By getting a core of evangelists for your cause, you can make more money for your charity than if you had to enroll 140 players to come to an event.

The other great thing about a golfathon that goes on through the night is that no one is on the course, so you aren’t in anyone’s way. The power of night golf events are that a majority of us work, so being available for a night golf fundraiser is a whole lot easier. As a result, it’s a lot easier to get players to come out to a night golf fundraiser than it is an event during the morning or during the week. I think it’s the future of the game for young players simply because of time constraints and modern work demands.

What is awesome about Glowgear is that we are moving into being a company that is more than selling products. We are a night golf R&D company that creates the new edge of the game. It’s great to get emails from players and courses asking for special lighting or gear that we then go about creating. The Glow V1 night golf ball is just one of those examples. Players needed a tour quality ball with daytime performance and we created it.  Not many companies out there doing that. We hope we can keep it up. Stay tuned for photos and updates from the course.

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