WHAT A NIGHT – The summer heat let up in the evening and the heat lightening in the distance made for a near Wizard of Oz vibe that accented Cosmic Driving Range targets. Starting at 8pm Timber Creek went nuts with a near filled field of 20 bays and hundreds of players coming from as far as Mobile. Bravo to everyone who put this together.

During the evening we put on a bunch of competitions for night golf balls, glow belts, and rounds of golf. It was nuts. I feel bad for the neighbors at the back of the range because we had some gunner smoking balls at least to the end of the range. There is no doubt that the Glowv2 is the longest hitting night golf ball on the market.

The coolest part of the evening was at midnight when we have to end. We have a tradition of allowing the players to walk onto the field with us as we take down the largest targets. They are able to experience the immenseness of the targets in the space. What is even cooler is how we walk among thousands of glowing golf balls like fire flies on the ground. Then, at the very end, we turn off all the lights and the thousands of glow balls become even more pronounced. All in all it was another epic evening. Thanks to everyone who came.

Check out our highlight photos and some amazing videos. Hopefully the storms will hold off and Saturday night will be a bash.

skeeball for golf

fun happy people


victory shot at the cosmic driving range


epic glow event

family fun shots



victory shots

night golf course with the cosmic driving range

target golf

night target golf

timber creek night golf

glow golf timber creek





happy people


cosmic driving range target

Night golf events for charity




night golf boom target

driving range from the field

awesome night golf targets in the field

glow golfer


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