Last week we had a great opportunity to put on a super cool Golfathon fundraiser for Park United Methodist Church in Valdosta GA. We set up 18 holes of putting, then lit it up with our UV glow blasters. I think it’s one of the best examples of an indoor putting game you can find. We had a blast putting it together and the event went on for two nights.


We’ve learned a lot about putting on puttathons and office golf competitions. The first tip is to create a super creative course. This can be a daytime or night time putting course. It doesn’t matter. The advantage of creating an office golf competition in the evening is that everyone is available so you should get much more participation.

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BE CREATIVE: I think the most important part of making an office golf competition cool is making the holes super creative. With our putting track you can make everyone thing from a 45 degree banker to a 360 degree ramp. Just double stack the track and no one will fly the ball off the rails. The more impressive the course the better you will do.

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PLAY FOR MULTIPLE YEAR EVENTS: The cool thing about neon putting track is that people remember the competition. So make sure to take a mountain of pictures the first year so that you have pictures to use for your second year marketing.

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TEAMWORK IS EVERYTHING: So as to make setup and take down a breeze, turn your course set up into ‘course creation competition’. Set up 2-4 person teams to compete in creating the coolest holes. Then photograph them and send them around. The best part about this is that if you get enough set up competitors you can set up 18 holes in no time at all.

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HOW TO MAKE YOUR PUTTATHON AFFORDABLE: The most affordable way to create a puttathon or putting competition is to do it during the day so you don’t need any UV lights. Of course we’d love you to buy our glowgear lighting for your event, but some events may not fit. All you need are the track pieces and 9 holes of putting track will only cost a couple hundred dollars. So then, after the event you can keep the track for next year or auction it off.

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BE COLOR COORDINATED…or NOT: As you can see, our office golf putting track comes in four colors. Some event promoters put events with a different color per hole. This goes with the glow of the lights as well. Other events have mixed things up to give holes a striped vibe. It’s really all about the vibe you want to create. If you are a school, you might want to do the entire course in your school colors of blue and red or yellow and orange.

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CHARITY FUNDRAISING IDEAS: Since you can create a golfathon event, there are several ways to raise money using night golf putting track. You can charge per round or have your students or members raise money per hole. So now a player can get 25 donors who will give them a dollar per hole for 100 holes. This is a great school fundraising idea to try.

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HOW TO DESIGN YOUR COURSE: If you are putting on an indoor putting event or fundraiser, don’t just keep it in one room. Use the putting track to travel down hallways and corridors, down stairs or banked around corners. The more people get to travel about and play cool obstacles the better. Remember that you can have putting holes both inside and outside.

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TRY THE SIDEWALK: I know it sounds crazy, but it can be fun, especially for serious golfers who are looking for the ultimate putting challenge. Create a hole that might start on carpeting, but then go onto a hard surface like a walkway, sidewalk, tiled floor etc. then go back onto grass or a green. This will make serious golfers have some respect.

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PUTTING COMPETITIONS ON THE PUTTING GREEN: Remember glowgear putting track is not just for office golf or indoor golf competitions. They were originally designed for the practice putting green and competitive fun. So if you are going to put on a night golf event and want some cool games to warm up with, check out our skills competitions as well as setting up a few cosmic putting holes. It’s easy, fast and fun!

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