Black light night golf and cosmic putting contests are awesome for a couple of reasons. They are tight, social, convenient to any location and safe for everyone. There is no cooler and newer school fundraiser than cosmic night golf putting around your school playing fields, around your track or through the school itself. We here at Laser Glow Golf have created basically “golf course in a box” or better yet, “golf fundraiser in a box” because with our neon putting track any school team or booster can create a cosmic black light night golf event in an instant. Our fluorescent neon putting track snaps together to create an unlimited number of putting holes. You can also use our putting course at your local golf course so you can have a glow lounge and some really cool skills challenges that keep everyone tight to the clubhouse and socializing.


In the past golf putt-athons were something you had to do in either the daytime or under bright lights and they required someone to make big wooden boxes with turf. With our mobile putting course you can create any number of designs with the same ease as making a lego construction or a Hot Wheels race track. No nails, screws, paint or saws. Just design, snap and play. This makes putting competitions easy to produce and play.

night golf putting game


The coolest thing about putting on a Cosmic putting charity fundraiser is that it glows. Players wear their coolest fluorescent neon gear and everyone looks like they stepped out of the movie “Tron”. It’s like Cosmic black light bowling but at your school or corporation.

ideas for doing successful night golf events


There are a bunch of ways to put on a night puttathon or short course competition. You can do it like a walkathon or danceathon where players collect dollars per hole from as many people as they can and they play until the sun comes up. You can also have a pay to play putt-a-thon where different age groups pay different amounts to raise money for your charity or cause. You can then add different competitions and prizes to you fundraiser to raise extra cash. Here are just a few ideas for other ways to generate income.

night golf glass break

Long putt competition:

Players pay extra dollars for more chances to make a super long or challenging putt for a special prize. Long putts, or putts for cash are a pretty standard fundraising event that tend to do pretty well, especially if you can get parents and adults with pocket books out to play and compete in your event.

glow in the dark putting track

Flop shot limbo competition:

Flop shot limbo is when players qualify by hitting a 5ft high flop shot. Then as the competition moves into the next round you raise the height of the bar and now golfers have to flop 6-7-8ft over the wall. Our flop shot wall goes up to 8ft high and makes for a super social fundraising competition where everyone can stand around and cheer on their favorite player.

night golf flop shot is a great fundraising game

Other fundraising ideas:

Pretty standard money raising ideas for a golf event are silent auctions, selling mulligans or closer shots to the hole. These last two ideas are good if you’ve created some kind of team competition where four player groups sign up to compete for overall winner etc.


We at Glow Golf are a bit slanted in our view about what makes a great puttathon fundraiser. The first and foremost thing is the vibe you create. Since the courses are on putting greens and not on the open golf course you can create a tight group of players and friends who can now actually watch. I am a big fan of having a DJ and some kind of announcer who keeps an eye on the vibe and is able to shout out prizes, contests and sponsorship announcements.

The glow lounge

Our first big night golf event we did with Kikkor Golf had a glow lounge. A super cool glowing bar that did some serious business as the night wore on. In fact, it was a major revenue generator for the golf course and something you should consider as a key part of your fundraising efforts. Since it’s the night, people like to drink, socialize and party. A tight night putting competition accomplishes all those goals without endangering players with swinging clubs in the dark or golf carts at night.

night golf events need a photo booth

Keep your fundraiser short and sweet. Don’t try to accomplish too much. You might start your event with an early evening junior event as the sun goes down. Then get into the meat and potatoes of your fundraiser pretty quickly. Make announcements and then start players putting and playing the faster they can get into the event the better.

In our next installment about cosmic fundraisers we will talk more about best practices and how to actually set up your puttathon so that everyone gets to play. The one cool thing I can say about our neon putting track is that it’s cheap so when you start getting more people than you can handle, you can just add more holes. It’s pretty cheap and easy.

If you have anything you’d like to ask or add to this blog, don’t hesitate to comment or question. We here at Glow gear love to chat away.

this is a great glow in the dark cornhole sticker

night golf ball being charged up on glow charger

awesome night golf fundraising ideas

flop shot limbo and X

glow golf hole

cool night golf ball GlowV2

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