Night golf games you can play in your back yard

We just received these photos in from Mike Flatley in Westchester PA. He’s created an awesome night golf game called ‘Golf Pong’. He set up a series of glowgear lights (UV Glow Blasters and markers) along with som garbage cans and other targets all wrapped in neon to create the ultimate backyard night golf game.

night golf games

night golf game 2Race to 15 Game

–       2 Player Game
–       Each player rotates back and forth hitting 3 balls at a time until someone reaches 15 points or sinks a shot inside the tall little money shot bucket.
–       When a player reaches 15 points, their opponent gets an opportunity to make it to 15 points or more one last time. If they do, the game goes into a sudden death match (see below)
–       If a player hits it in the Money Shot Bucket at any time, it forces their opponent to make it inside the Money Shot Bucket as well. The player attempting to flop it into the Money Shot Bucket gets a fresh new 3 balls to attempt making it. If none of the 3 shots land in the Money Shot Bucket, the game is over. If somehow the player sinks it in the Money Shot Bucket as well, than the game goes into a sudden death match (see below).

night golf events

–       Sudden Death Match

  • A coin toss determines who gets to go first
  • Each player gets 10 shots each
  • Player one hits 5 balls, then player 2 hits 5 balls – current score is determined at this time.
  • Then player 1 hits his/her last 5 balls as well as player 2.
  • Player with the higher point total wins the game.
  • If there is still a tie, than each player only gets 5 shots each and will continue this process until one of the players ends the round with more points than their opponent.
  • At any time during the Sudden Death Match, a player sinks it in the Money Shot Bucket, that player automatically wins the game. The other player does not get a chance at redemption; the game is automatically won by the player that flopped it inside the Money Shot Bucket.

night golf targets

Flop Shot King Game

–       2-4 Player Game
–       Can be played with 2, 3 or 4 individual players or as 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 Teams.
–       6 rounds will be played
–       A round consists of each player or team hitting 5 flop shots
–       Each of the buckets/barrels has their point worth on the front of each. The Money Shot Bucket is worth 15 points in this game
–       At the end of the 6 rounds, the player or team with the most points wins. In case of a tie, the players tied or 2 teams tied go into Sudden Death. Sudden death is essentially an extra round of 3 shots each. Rounds will continue until a player or team has a higher point total at the end of a round. They win the game and are crowned Flop Shot King/Kings.

night golf



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