cosmic corn hole at night golf eventsWhen we put on night golf events we like to mix things up by offering more than just your standard 9 holes of golf with glow sticks and LED golf balls. We like to bring in our cosmic skills as well as a few Cosmic Driving range elements and top it off with cosmic corn hole / bag toss. We do this so folks who aren’t necessarilly golfers can come out and have a good time.

Adding non-golf events to your night golf event has several key advantages:

  • MORE OPTIONS FOR MORE PEOPLE: Cosmic Skills, driving range and corn hole give non-golfers activities to occupy themselves and in fact have a blast, while the die hard golfers are out on the course.
  • Night golf skills - glass breakCOOL INTRODUCTION TO NEW GOLFERS: The cosmic skills and cosmic driving range also serve to introduce boy friends and girl friends to the game in a easy and fun way. Very different from traditional golf.
  • CREATING A KICKING PARTY IS KEY: By adding skills and a range experience you bring more people to the party, thus helping to create that very necessary critical mass required to really make a party rock
  • night golf gamesMORE CASUAL FORMAT: By offering more than just golf, you can allow players to start the course when they want to. This means at the beginning of an event the MC can tell players that they can start their round of golf or warm up at the range of try the cosmic skills, but the competitors in the party simply need have their combined score card in by 10pm. This takes the ‘shot gun’ pressure off the event and makes is far easier to produce.
  • CASUAL AND COMPETITIVE: By having a night golf event with several options above just 9 holes of golf, you can now create cool competitiions that combine course play black light corn hole boardsalong with night golf skills, putting, flop shot limbo, short and long ball skills. This helps to give the beginners a real selection and picture of how great golf is, while giving serious golfers a challenge they will respect by the end of the night.

When putting on a multi-discipline night golf event, the first thing you need is a killer DJ who can serve as your MC. You can also have a DJ and MC/Producer of the event as well. Since few DJ’s are golf savvy, it might be best to have both DJ and MC. With cosmic skills and driving range games, you can now accomodate a great many more participants, which changes the entire energy of a traditional night golf or golf event. To take full advantage of this, you need music and club house close activities that keep the energy up while players are out on the course.

night golf puttingIf you want to learn more about how to put on truly awesome night golf events that go far beyond simply mimicing daytime golf, feel free to give anyone at GlowGear a call to learn more and even set up an event with us. We manufacture the best night golf balls on the market along with all the lights and skills you need to create an awesome charity fundraiser, small or large ‘cocktail competition’ as well as full field night golf event.

See you on the golf course: or 310.999.9767

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