Night Golf Highlights from Wahkonsa Country Club, Iowa

Night golf is about to get a whole lot more fun. We set up our Cosmic Skills Competition and 9 hole night golf course at Wahkonsa Country Club in Durant, Iowa this weekend and everyone had a blast. For the night golf course we created holes of 100 yards or under to play with just two clubs, a 9/wedge and putter. Then we created dotted lines of light to each hole. The course went around trees and across fairways. It was a play off of the daytime round they called Safari Golf where players teed off from crazy places on the course.

Iowa Night golf nightgolf

Here’s a shot where the player put it right through the foam glass break panel. We ended up putting it above the bar with a glow ball in it.

Night golf

What was so great about this event was that we had something for everyone and all the night golf skills as well as the cosmic bag toss/corn hole were close to the BBQ and the clubhouse. The 9 hole course took only about an hour, thanks to our short course design and our night golf balls that actually hit true to a real ‘daytime’ golf ball. So players were able to play the course and still have time to compete in the skills competition and hang around the party. Far from your normal night golf event with glow sticks.

COSMIC TIC TAC TOE: It’s an easy game,- IF you have a butter short game. Each player gets 6 shots to make 3 in a row. If you are able to get two x 3 in a row, you get double points

Night golf

COSMIC GLASS BREAK: There is nothing cooler than the classic glass break competition. It’s even better when its glow in the dark golf. Each player gets 6 shots to hit the target. Every hit gives the players a whopping 5 strokes off their 9 hole score.

night golf balls

3 HOLE COSMIC SKILLS: Chipping is an important part of anyone’s golf game, so we figured we’d make it a skill in our competition. Players get 6 balls to get into any of the targets. Each score takes a stroke off your 9 hole night golf score.

night golf

HIT THE X SHOT: This has to be the coolest challenge we’ve come up with. We inflated a gigantic neon X out in the driving range around 100 yard. Each player gets 3 shots to score. If you score you get 5 strokes off your 9 hole night golf score.

Night golf - X shot

Nothing like a neon inflatable to create a massively cool night golf target

COSMIC FLOP SHOT LIMBO: This has to be our toughest skill because few golfers ever practice their flop shot unless they live in the Scottish country side and play one of those links courses riddled with pot bunkers. Our flop shot wall is a bit different because you can raise and lower it up to 9ft. Now you can have a competition to see who’s got the best night time flop shot.

glow in the dark flop shot limbo

COSMIC PUTTING: We created a pretty cool 3 hole challenge with an uphill first hole followed by two holes in an X configuration. It took skill not to knock into other players balls. Definitely worth trying out.

night golf events

COSMIC CORNHOLE: We just printed up our first neon corn hole board covers and they pop. Players were at it all night. I finally got a shot of a father and daughter closing out the night at around 12:30

night golf events

HERE are a few shots from dusk as the course begins to pop!!!

Night Golf Course as the sun goes down

Night Golf Course as the sun goes down

night golf games glow in the dark golf night golf course

HERE are a bunch more highlight shots of each skill and the entire night golf events.

night golf games

Night golf skills - glass break

glass break at night


night golf balls

iowa night golf

night golf putting

glow putting

night golf putting

Iowa_night golf

night golf putting

Iowa night golf

night golf putting

glow golf games

Night golf skills - glass break

neon corn hole

Night golf glass break

Glass break night golf

Neon golf games

Night golf tic tac toe

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