New kinds of night golf games to play

Night golf

NEW NIGHT GOLF GAME: How cool is this?!!! It’s black light golf pong! Our buddy Mike Flatley in Westchester, PA sent us these photos from the game he created. He took a bunch of glowgear marker lights, and target lights, then combined them with our cosmic putting track (aka Golf course in a box) and made really cool golf pong like targets.

The key are the 6 UV Glow Blaster lights (mobile black lights) he put around to light up the course.

Target Pitch Glow Golf Rules

Night golf Race To 21

–   2 player game if using the GlowTour V2 night golf Ball

–   4 player game if using limited distance glow balls – 2 VS. 2 Teams

Night golf night golf

  • 2 Player Game – Each player would begin on the same side of the playing field. Player 1 would be on the left side of the target at the pitch line in between 2 glow markers. Player 2 would be on the right side of the target at the pitch line in between the 2 glow markers on his/her side.
    • Coin Flip is done to determine who shots first.
    • Players have 3 balls each and rotate hitting pitch shots at the opposing target. The goal is to accumulate points and reach 21 points before your opponent does.
    • The larger outer target is worth 1 point if players pitch shot comes to rest inside that area. The smaller inner circle is worth 3 points if players pitch shot comes to rest inside the inner circle. Inside of the inner circle is a Glow Target (Flagstick) that has a small green cup at the base of it. If a player’s pitch shot comes to rest inside the cup, that player automatically wins the game.
    • After each player has hit their 3 pitch shots, they make note of the points earned and go retrieve their balls at the other end. Players then line up at the other end in between glow markers on either side of target and hit 3 more shots back at the other target. Players continue this process until a player either reaches 21 points or a player lands their ball inside of the small cup at the base of the flagstick, making that player the winner of the match.glow in the dark night golf glow in the dark night golf glow in the dark night golf
  • Limited distance ball game with Teams of 2 Players – 2 vs. 2
    • Since this ball is much safer to hit in the direction of a person, players set up just like they would in a game of Cornhole and Horseshoes. Team A – Player 1 and Team B – Player 1 on one side of the playing field, and Team A – Player 2 and Team B – Player 2 at the other end of the field.
    • Player 1 from each team would begin by rotating pitching their 3 balls shot by shot. They would stay at that side of the playing field the entire game and Player 2 from each team would tally up the points their partners scored. They would then rotate pitching their 3 balls toward the target at the other end. This process would continue until one of the teams combined score reaches 21. The other way to win automatically is if any player, no matter what the score is, lands their pitch shot inside the cup.

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