Your party never saw so much light

rechargeable party glow lightsIf you are having an outdoor party and you need lights to create mood and mark off your ‘play’ area, you need a party light that offers several things. It needs to be battery powered so you don’t need cords or generators. It needs to provide multiple colors and event flashing and glow modes for effect, and it needs to run for a long, long time.

Enter GlowGear party lighting. We manufacture in the US some of the coolest mood and party lights in the industry. Our 10” high glow cones are not

light art

only massively well art directed so you have coolness all around, but they have 15 different color shades and 4 different flashing modes. They last a whopping 24 hours between recharging and you can recharge them over 300 times. This means they will never run out of battery life for most people’s entire life.

The best Pool Party Light: The party light that is also super safe. Our glow party lights are not only state of the art when it comes to mobile light and power, they are so water proof and weather proof that you can actually drop them in the pool and no one will get hurt. That’s right. A pool safe party light. This is something no one has ever created before. Now you can line your pool party with glow lights and not worry about anyone getting electrocuted. This means you can put our glow lights right up to the side of the pool without fear or danger. Then, if someone glow heart in lightshappens to kick it into the water, you just pull it out and place it back in it’s place and party on.

Don’t forget, you can also make some pretty amazing art designs with our glow lights. We have created a mountain of designs in the past year. Here are just a few.

Our Glow party lights are also super durable. They are made of such strong plastic that you can drop them, even when lit. Try this with your normal light bulb light and see what happens.

party lighting

So give us a call and ask about purchase or rental of any of the GlowGear party lights and we feel you and your party guests will be pleasantly surprised. 310.999.9757

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