CrossGolf Weekend: Coopers Lake Open 2014

This had to be the most fun I’ve had playing crossgolf in a long time. Jeff Tracy of Coopers Lake PA went out and cut a full on 18 hole urbangolf course through Coopers Lake Camp Ground and put on the 4th Open event in 4 years.
Coopers lake open night golf event

The event took place over Memorial Day weekend and included a Saturday practice round, Saturday night Golf and a final Sunday competition for all the marbles.


After Jeff cut the course we got creative with the targets. The rule in previous years was that once you get within a club length you simply add one shot. This year we painted 4ft circles around the holes and then added a little artwork. As a result it looks pretty cool. On the first practice round I (Rob Peterson) played a respectable 2 over 73 and Jeff Tracy a nifty 2 under 69. But in the final Jeff and our playing partner Austin (Tex) pulled away to a -4 and -4 tie for a sudden death play off that Jeff Tracy won in a clutch pitch shot on the 18th hole.

We will put together some videos of the shots because this was a very well designed course with some tough shots. The one rule that I think should be put in the next event is that you can ‘fluff’ on the fairway, but not in the rough. Since we were playing in a field, the fairways were cut down, but nothing like a real golf course, so fluffing was very acceptible. For the next event. The US Crossgolf Nationals in September, they are changing the course and letting the rough grow so it’s like a true open championships. So stay tuned. Here are a bunch of shots from the finals on Sunday.


Many of the players came and stayed the weekend so they played a 7 hole Cosmic night golf event. Most people liked the night golf better than the day golf. I think that was because they got to sit around the fire, hit flop shots, try and bean the glowing giant X and drink beer. (just my opinion) But as night golf goes, I think we out did ourselves. The course was well lit up and the balls were flying everywhere. Folks played one club, usually a wedge or 9 iron and it ended with a closest to the pin on the 7th. Here are some photos from the night. Many thanks to Jeff and his family for all their hospitality at Coopsers Lake Camp Ground, the home of Pensic, the coolest medievel festival in the US!!!

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