New Night Golf Skill Competition: tic-tac-toe

We’ve been busy putting together our cosmic golf skills competition and here is one of our favorite skills. Tic tac toe. There are two ways to play. If you are playing with another player it’s pretty much traditional tic tac toe where each player alternates shots until someone gets a complete row. If you are using this as part of a skills competition the player is given five balls to make a 3 row. If they make it they get three points. If they only get two they get one point, then they move on to the next skill.
Tic tac toe night golf
Since cosmic tic tac toe golf has never been done before, we are all open to suggestions when it comes to scoring.

night golf tic tac toe board

The best part of playing cosmic tic tac toe is that it the board can be nearly any size, so you could make the board so large you could be hitting from 30-50 yards away. Our board is a 9x9ft square put on a banking of grass. We were hitting from around 25ft away. Stay tuned for another board that is twice the size.
night golf game

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