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A night golf ball so good, you’ll want to play it during the day

Folks have wanted us to talk more about our GlowTour V2 night golf glow balls because unlike LED powered night golf balls that hit like a rock and can hurt your clubs, the Glowtour is the only night golf ball that actually plays like a true golf ball. That’s right, a night golf ball that has real feel and actually goes the same distance as your traditional daytime golf balls. This means you no longer need to club up because the ball only goes 2/3 the distance of a traditional golf ball.
The best glow golf ball in golf
So if you are a serious golfer looking for a glow golf ball with true flight, distance and feel, the GlowTour V2 is for you. All you need to do is charge it up with our UV flashlight for about a minute and it shines for an entire hole. Then, when you come up to your ball, just pick it up and recharge it.

best night golf ball in golf

The #1 best performing night golf ball in golf

The real strength of our night golf ball is that fact that it is not simply a monster battery wrapped in a jacket. It’s a 90 compression three piece golf ball with the glow put in the skin. Now you also have a ball will glow again and again until you either loose it or break it and that would mean you would have to play a mountain of night golf to break our ball.

If you are like most of us and get out late in the afternoon and you need a twilight golf ball, the GlowTour V2 is also the glow ball for you because you will never have to compensate for the ball because it flies as true and as long as a Callaway HX or Titliest Pro V1. Now you can go for your yardage with complete confidence as the sun is going down. Just replace your ball when the sun is starting to go down and the GlowTour V2 will charge up in the sunlight. Once it starts getting dark you simply recharge the ball with your flashlight.

This is why we are the number one performing night golf ball in golf. So order a two pack or dozen today and see what people are talking about.

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