New Night Golf Horizon: Footgolf – Discgolf and golf all in one

Why don’t we bring disc golf, foot golf and golf together as one crossgolf sport?

There has been a mountain of golf press about footgolf (soccer golf) and how it could impact a golf course’s bottom line by adding another demographic. My take is that this is only the very first step golf courses can take to open up their venues to more sports played in more ways. Per this, we need to create a “crossgolf” category that allows footgolfers, disc golfers and golfers to play together.

Night CrossgolfRight now disc and foot golfers can play together, but golf is the odd man out because the ball flies so far. But there is a solution. Just as BMX revolutionized cycling and snowboarding helped skiing and Rollerblades helped hockey, why can’t we create a one or two club version of the sport in golf. When playing with a footballer or disc golfer having only a wedge and putter levels the playing field and makes the game a whole lot easier for beginners. This is especially true when you are playing night golf. Full bag night golf is a tough cookie because of the distances, dangers of darkness and golf carts and

SHORT COURSE CROSSGOLF: When you only play with two clubs, now a beginner can dial in that one club and begin to get good at just one club at a time. There is a lot of chatter in the golf industry about making the holes bigger and the fairways shorter etc. but really, just reduce the game down to its simpliest form of fewer clubs and you have a whole new game.disc golf target lights The key is to have a target that can be used by discgolfers along with footgolfers and regular golfers. During the last few years at Glowgear we’ve actually seen the disc golf movement coming and we’ve been working hard to create a mobile target that not only serves all three cross-sports, but also lights up so players can compete at night. With a fully functional Night golf target light system a golf course can now put on very cool multi-sport events without having to create perminent in-ground targets, especially 2ft wide footgolf holes. The other key issue with allowing these three sports on your golf course are that most people who play any sport work at night, so why not make your course glow in the dark. This is key.

If you have an opinion on this, give us a comment and let’s hear what you think.


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