Night golf cosmic putting in a ballroom

Last Import - 12Night golf puttingcosmic night golf puttingWe had the fun job of setting up a simple 3 hole demo at Wildwood Country Club in Louisville last night. From it we created 3 new styles of holes and learned that the 90 degree turns are the very best to create bank shots. The first hole (yellow) had a 45 degree turn which was tough to catch just right, so we flipped some track and made a simple banker ramp to help players from jumping the rails. The blue hole had a perfect 90 degree turn that allowed the kids to make numerous hole in ones, which is always awesome.

My final orange hole was the true secret. I had wanted to simply make it a T shape so players had to lag the ball to the dogleg left. Instead I created a “ramp around”. Now players either lagged their shot or tried to hit the ramp just right and flip the ball around the circle. It was harder than it looked.

All in all it too only about 20 minutes to set up and the kids and adults checking it out had a great time playing over and over again. I can’t wait to see a full 9 or 18 holes in the ball room. I think it will be a cosmic crazy night of golf for sure.

Many thanks to the folks at Wildwood CC for the opportunity. Here are a few more shots from different angles. These holes are definitely going in our office golf idea manual.




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