Night golf at Morgan Run golf course

Night golf target hole

Cosmic skills hole. 1 points for inside the green, 2 for outside and 3 for everywhere else

We had a pretty great treat last weekend with a 12 hole event at Morgan run golf course in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. We set up 12 holes of cosmic putting event on their two stellar practice greens, along with a cool night golf chip shot to an adjacent green. (photo below) The cool thing was that we had it shot with a helicopter cam which I will put up the second we get the footage.

The other cool thing about cosmic putting is how to set up the holes on a putting green because unlike setting it up on carpet, which is very cool in it’s own right, you have the slope of the green to consider. We created several holes that went down grain and up grain to create different effects and challenges. I can’t wait to see what other ‘course designers’ will come up with in the coming year.Check out some of the holes from the event. Of course, many thanks to the folks at Morgan Run for the opportunity to showcase cosmic night golf.


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