Night Golf Photo Compilation

Welcome 2014. Here are the top photos from our fall/winter 2013-14

3 HOLES OF PUTTING TRACK: We set this up in an indoor soccer pitch for a photo shoot. It’s amazing how bright the yellow track is under black light.

AMAZING NIGHT GOLF NEW YEARS EVE PARTY 2013: This was truly the first spin of our new track. We had not had it for more than a day. Right out of the press.

WOODHAVEN GOLF CLUB:  Our first test event with the prototype cosmic putting track. Pretty cool response. These kids were awesome. We used them as models to show the course layout…and they love to pose.

OUR FIRST COSMIC NIGHTDISC GOLF EXPERIENCE: There is a massively cool disc golf course at Charlie Vitner Park in Louisville and here are some shots we took of cosmic clothing back in November 2013

OUR FIRST PROTOTYPE COLORED TRACK: This was our first event at a nice golf course in Chicago.

OUR FIRST OFFICE GOLF CONFIGURATIONS: These are some hole configurations we will be putting in our idea manual

SOME VERY COOL PHOTOS FROM 2013: Here is a nice library of product shots taken during last year. This shows how we are more than just night golf. We go as far as your brain can think.

THE NEON VIBE FUN RUN: We lit up a neon fun run with a mountain of lights…and it was awesome. Let’s do more of these in 2014

THE FIRST COSMIC PUTTING SHOT EVER TAKEN: This was  our first night golf test with neon twine and our UV lights. Aka Glow Blasters. From this we began designing the cosmic putting course components.

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