Another night golf photo shoot


Another glowing day…lighting up our putting track. A very secret, but big magazine, did a very cool photo shoot with us yesterday. (We can’t tell you until the article comes out. Sorry) We set up just three holes inside our local soccer/hockey rink with synthetic turf. The cool thing was that it was during the day and it was  magnificent.

night golf photo shootFrom this cosmic shoot it hit me that the reason existing ‘glow stick’ night golf events seldom puts up cool photos of their events is because you simply can’t see them at night. Players put a glow stick around their neck and no one can really see them, even close up.

I am glad to say GlowGear lighting and putting track is the polar opposite. Our events have enough glow you can shoot them with your smart phone. How cool is that? That’s revolutionary!!!

The other very cool thing about our cosmic putting track is that there truly are a limitless number of configurations you can make. Everytime I set up a demo or event we come up with completely new designs. Go Night Golf 2014!!!!

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