Golf Fundraisers at night – best practices

Night golf fundraiser

Cosmic putting is the newest and coolest way to attract the entire family to an evening event


Here are just a few tips on how to put on a great night fundraiser thats convenient for your patrons and your organization. Fundraising is an important part of every charitable organization. But not all fundraising efforts are successful.

Golf Fundraising Problem #1: Raising money through traditional daytime golf tournaments or events have several pitfalls primarily revolving around that fact that most of us, be we rich or pour, tend to work. So having a Monday-Wednesday daytime or morning fundraiser can become a nightmare when it comes to getting players to participate.

Mini golf putting courseGolf Fundraising Problem #2: Creating a cool event. The problem with creating any kind of cool around a weekday event is that it’s nearly impossible to attract young professionals because of the time weekday commitment. As a result you pretty much have to go after wealthy retirees who have nothing to do on a Tuesday. As a result it’s tough to create a young, hipe vibe to your event.

Golf Fundraising Problem #3: Prohibitive costs. For many of us, traditional golf fundraisers are simply too expensive. Besides taking off a day of work, they usually sock you for $75-300 to play. Who can afford that.

The result of just these three issues makes it tough for a charity to both get players to come out and make money from the event.

Night golf clothing and events

Flourescent clothing glows at night


One solution is to create a night golf event that will be convenient, affordable and attractive to the majority of us who work. The model is a bit different than a daytime event because now you are charging less for the event, but making this up in added food and beverages sales. Remember, restaurants make generally 2-4 times their lunch tick on dinner business because this is when most of us are out wanting to have fun and entertain one another. So here are a few tips on how to set up a successful night golf fundraiser with a cool night vibe.

Step #1: Contact your local golf course and speak with them about rates for renting their course at night. Seeing that few golf courses have a night golf schedule, It should be considerably less than daytime rates.

Step #2: Find out if they will allow you to garner a percentage of the beverage sales. This is important because the model of night golf is different than daytime fundraisers because people like to drink, party and eat at night, so this is one of your major revenue streams for raising funds.

Step #3: By setting up your night golf event with a combination of night course play, cosmic driving range skills and cosmic putting you now have an evening that can include/attract more than just old men. With cosmic putting and skills, you can now attract not only young professional, but their spouses and even their kids because their now is something they can do while ‘the guys’ are out on the course.

Step #4: You have to have a glow bar. By bringing the bar out to the practice putting green or next to the range, non-golfers and friends can now socialize, party and spend money on food and beverages as their friends are playing night golf.

If you are looking to put on a night golf event and want to know more about GlowGear’s pricing as well as cool skills you can put on to entertain your patrons, don’t hesitate to contact us at and ask as many questions as you can think of. We love to help open up the night. Also, feel free to comment if you have any suggestions


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