Glow Vibe Events launches in Myrtle beach

glow vibe logoGlow Gear lighting Systems and The Glow Vibe bring Cosmic ‘black light’ Night Golf to Myrtle Beach

Glow Gear Lighting, formerly, Laser Glow Golf is pleased to announce the opening of Glow Vibe Events, bringing Cosmic Night Golf to the Myrtle Beach area. In just one week, River Oaks Golf Plantation sold out their 74 player, 4 person night golf scramble, December 5th, 2013. That’s impressive.

During the upcoming year Glow Vibe will be focusing on producing top quality night golf events for the 150 golf courses in Myrtle Beach and surrounding courses in South Carolina. “We are very excited and have a great many plans on how to bring night events of all kinds to the area. We think it’s going to be a banner year for the growth of the game because now night golf is more than simply glow sticks and LED golf balls”, states owner Jeff Heiby.

Glow Vibe in myrtle beach

Glow Vibe will be utilizing the Glow Gear rechargeable night golf lighting system and the Glow Tour V2 night golf ball to charge up their events and bring an upscale vibe to the Myrtle beach night golf scene. “In the past all we had were glow sticks and LED balls that hit like rocks and cost way too much.  With the GlowTour V2, we have a ball that feels so good and flies so true to a real ball you can play it during the day…and then it glows at night. That’s no joke. No clubbing up and hoping you can get the ball to the green. This ball actually flies like a ProV1 or Callaway HX with great feel. That is a game changer in night golf and one of the reasons we went with the GlowGear lighting system.”

So if you are in Myrtle beach and want to play some night golf, check out Glow Vibe on facebook, and then sign up for an event. They are planning individual events as well as weekly leagues in the area.

About  Glow Gear Lighting offers the best and most versatile night golf lighting option available today.  Our mobile, durable, rechargeable lighting system transcends traditional glow sticks by up-leveling night golf so that it can be sold to sponsors, fundraisers, corporate and junior events. It then goes beyond course lighting and into mobile walkway, driveway, party and special event lighting never before possible. With its multi-use and versatility you will forget glow sticks because Glow Gear will turn your golf course and clubhouse into a glowing black light, cosmic night club.

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