Christmas lights in Orlando

Christmas tree of lights

Christmas tree of lights

Happy Holidays to everything. Thanksgiving is upon us and we just had this sent in from Tim Galvin of Orlando. He owns Tournament Golf Events in Orlando, FL 888-557-9833 and puts on a bunch of night golf events with glowgear lighting. Well, it’s holiday time and here is what he sent us.

The cool thing about these lights are that they last up to 48 hours before they need recharging, so basically Tim put them out all night and when he was ready to go to bed he simply walked outside, pulled out his remote and turned off the lights. Then, the next night he turned them back on. So his lights can last a week or two without recharging. Pretty cool. What I can’t wait to see is all the light configurations everyone will create this holiday season. so Bravo Tim and I hope it was a fun time.

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