The best flying night golf ball in golf

Nightflyer golf ball better

You can play this ball during the day or night. It’s that good.

It’s taken a year of hard work and now Glow Tour V1 has made way for the GlowTour V2, the best feeling and longest driving night golf ball in the industry.

THE PERFORMANCE DIFFERENCE: The GlowTour V2 is made like a real golf ball so it performs like a real golf ball. Most night golf balls are made in China with an LED inside that creates a serious compression problem. The problem is that the core has to very hard to protect the electronics and it is oversized to accommodate a battery.  As a result LED night golf balls have a very thin mantle and hard core and therefore hit like a rock.

THE GLOW: Our secret is to go to the cosmic glow edge of existing ball skin technology by putting our proprietary glow pigment in the skin so that the ball lasts a solid 8 minutes between charges. So now you can hit the best feeling ball in night golf and when you get up to your second shot, just pull out your UV flashlight and give it a recharge. A small price to pay for unmatched feel and performance.

CLUB SAFETY AND FEEL: No longer will you risk breaking your driver because of a rock hard LED core or glow stick core. Just pure soft feel and performance.

DISTANCE: The GlowTour V2 flies just like daytime golf balls. Unlike LED night golf balls, we have a 90 compression performance core, performance mantle and skin so the ball flies just like the best balls on tour. As a result this ball allows you to hit the same shots you hit during the day with the exact same yardage. No need to club up and hope your ball makes it to the green.

SPIN: Since the Glow Tour v2 is made with a performance core and full compression mantle, it is the only night golf ball you can actually back up.

So come on and give it a try.

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