Neon night golf at Woodhaven Country Club

Here is Louisville Ky, the weather held out long enough for some serious cosmic putting and night golf Friday night at Woodhaven Country Club. We set up glow lights on 9 holes of the par 3 course and another 5 holes of cosmic black light putting. Since we only had one camera we focused our efforts on the intense cosmic puttathon that waged on through the night. This battle saw not one, but 6 victory poses in just one round. Call them flamboyant, call them flashy, call them crazy. This is cosmic night golf. Here are some cool photos from the event.

HOW TO SET UP A COSMIC PUTTING COURSE: The ‘Golf course in a box’ putting track snaps together easilly, but when you are faced with putting together 9 – 18 holes of night golf, it can seem a bit daunting. From this event it became clear that we need to create a hole configuration map so all you need to do is come to our website and grab the hole design you want. A single 32 piece box of putting track can make nearly every hole we put out on Friday. These hole maps will show how many straights and curves you need to create any hole you want.

If you would like to put on a cosmic putting event or buy ‘cosmic putting in a box’ we will have course configurations up very soon. If you have an opinion on what we are doing or want to chime in, in anyway, feel free. We love hearing about what our fans want to see and play.