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How to light up a night sporting event is now a pretty easy and fun activity In the past you needed generators, power cords and a bunch of serious electricians so as not to electrocute anyone. Now, with Glow Gear night lighting, all you need to do is place markers around the course or event, turn them on and start having fun.  The key to the Glowgear lighting system is in our batteries and multi colored lighting. By using Nickel metal hydride batteries, we are able to deliver a very nice glow in a cool upscale light cone while also providing 15 different shades of light and 4 different flashing modes. Our lights also last a whopping 8 – 48 hours between recharging.

Now you can mark everything from neon 5k fun runs to indoor black light concerts and events to outdoor parties that don’t have access to power. So when ever you are looking for mobile lighting that is battery powered and glows in the dark and you don’t want any hassles with power, glowgear lights will fit your needs.


Night runners during neon fun run

neon Runners pass glow lights as the navigate the course

It really all depends on how far you want to go with your art direction and safety needs. To really light up a course you want to space lights between 10 and 25 yards apart, then a little tighter for the turns. Here is a general outline:

   Step #1 Determine how many turns you have on your course. Allocate 5 markers for the outside and 4 for the inside. If it’s a city street you may need more.If you are on a budget you may be able to get away with only a few on the inside, just to mark the curb or an obstacle like a telephone pole. Markers should be spaced every 10 yards on turns.

   Step #2 Determine your dark areas or transition areas that could use a little directional light.

glow in the dark lighting

Glow marker on inside of turn to mark sidewalkput out lights as wide apart as 25 yards, just to keep folks aware of where to go.

   Step #3 Once you’ve counted up all the turns and safety areas, determine if you want to put lighting down straight aways. Here you can

   Step #4 Give us a call and ask about our pricing and delivery policies and then book your event as early in the season as you can. We get booked up in the spring and during the holidays. 310.999.9757


Yes, of course you can. We are the mobile light renting kings. Just determine how many lights you need and then give us a call. All our lights come fully charged and ready to go in their own carrying case. Our 10″ markers have a 48 hour run time so they will last for any evening event  you are looking to light up.


charging up glow disc with uv disc blaster

Charging up glow disc with UV Glow blaster

Our lights are simple to put out on a course. Just screw on the glow cap, turn on and then change the color and flash mode with our pocket remote. It’s that simple. Then, once you’ve set out the lights you can go back and change the lights color and mode to fit your events mood and vibe.

We also have mobile UV black lights we effectionately call our UV Glow blasters. They are the first battery powered black lights you can use for parties as well as neon sporting events. Each 3 Watt black light runs for 8 hours and throws neon fluorescent light up to 30ft with just one light. Now you can put on a neon night event without a generator or power cords. Just stick the Glow Charger into the ground or set it on a flat surface and anyone wearing glow clothing with light up with neon glow. Our Glow blasters are the only rechargeable non-cord UV black lights on the market and the really work.

Combine our mobile UV Black lights with our rechargeable glow pylons and stansions and you can put on one neon event after another without having to pay for consumable glow sticks.

If you like this article and thought it was helpful, become a facebook friend and we hope to either see you at a neon event or as a customer of our lights putting on your own events. Long live glow in the dark events.


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